Fontamara, the aroma of Abruzzo

More than an imaginary town, a world-famous novel or anything else, Fontamara represents man’s ancestral bond with the land. We wanted to dedicate this line of wines to that ancient way of life, in which the writer Ignazio Silone of Abruzzo set his choral narrative. These wines are deeply rooted in the tradition of Abruzzo, in vineyards that have been grown for generations, and in the habitual toil of peasants. “The years passed, the years accumulated, the young people grew older, the old people died, and they sowed, hoed, sulphured, reaped, harvested. And then what? All over again. Every year like the one before, every season like the one before” – this how Silone described it. Of course, the world has changed even in Fontamara, as well as the winemaking process, which is now technical, rigorous, selective, focused on quality and the expression of the grape variety. The simple tart wine of the past is just a memory, yet the aroma of that ancient bond with the land, that ability to live according to the pace of the seasons and to always persistently obtain the best from it, is something that we have always wanted to preserve in Fontamara wines to leave them as intact as possible for you. The aroma of Abruzzo.

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