A vine-friendly land

To the west, lies the Maiella, an imposing massif that remains snow-covered until spring, whereas to the east, on clear mornings, the shimmering sea can be seen in the distance. Our hills are situated right in the middle. Protected by the mountain and refreshed by the sea they have always been a noble setting for vines. Many aspects make the Frentane hills particularly suited to viticulture: the clayey-calcareous soils, air currents and considerable fluctuations in temperature. Here the grapes grown are healthy, full of aromas and special typical characteristics. Alongside the traditional vine varieties of Abruzzo such as Montepulciano, Pecorino and Cococciola, important ones also perfectly thrive here including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Grigio, obtaining their distinct character from the terroir. Where Fontamara wines are produced, the land has been friendly to vines for centuries.

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